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14th-Dec-2010 04:52 pm - Moderation
Due to inappropriate posts showing up from random Russian users, I have restricted new members from joining without approval.

Please don't hesitate to join if you are truly interested in cooking!
23rd-May-2010 04:55 pmEnter a subject line

Today, my mom cook delicious dishes such as food restaurant(Indonesian food)My mom practice this food after watching in Television and she's pretty good to cook anything food~always Delicious!!so I ask my mom how can I cook like that?~and my mom gave me a recipe^o^
you can practice this food too,look,please~^^~:
Shrimp Seasoning Sauce (♥ yum ♥)


i/2 kilo tiger shrimp                                                                      
1 onion                                                                                               
2 tomato
3 ketchup
3 red chili peppers
5 cloves red onion
5  cloves garlic
1/2 tsp. pepper powder
1 tsp. salt
1tbsp. sugar
5 cm piece fresh ginger
100 ml  water(1 water glass)


1.red chilli pepers,cloves red onion,garlic and tomato-blender together.
2.shrimp:scissors shrimp eyes and mustache(no need to peel shrimp shell)split the middle of the shrimp,wash out^^
3.Fry the shrimp until half-cooked,and drain.
4.stir-fry with 2 tablespoon of cooking oil seasoning.
5.add the fried shrimp that have been parboiled
6.add the water too,
7.mix all.
8.after the water discharged,and seasoning permeat.
9.meals ready to be served!
10.and finish!!^o^

I hope this food is delicious for you too!~^^~
P.S oops!and don't forget to cooking this food with love!!It's important,right?XD^^
28th-Apr-2010 03:50 pm - Chinese greens
Just checking in to make sure we're not completely dead...

So, when cooking stuff like yu choy or gai lan, greens that have a leafy part and a thicker stem, one good tip is to separate the leafy part from the harder part when stir-frying.

Then you cook the stems first for a minute before throwing in the leaves. It helps if you use tongs to manipulate the greens because you have greater control.

Make sure the pan is hot so that you get that extra flavour and make sure your ventilation fan is on high!

Don't forget to salt!
4th-Jun-2009 02:26 pm - Courgette/Zucchini Squash Recipes?
Hello everybody! My mum and I just harvested three GIANT zucchini squashes from our garden, and now we don't know how to cook them! Since I'm also getting into Asian cooking, I was wondering if there were any good recipes for them. What's your favourite way to cook/eat courgettes and squashes? Also, our plant is a zucchini blossom, which apparently is a gourmet delicacy. Do any of you have any suggestions of how to cook/serve the blossoms?

Thank you for all your suggestions :D !!

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narnia // edmund // DAZZLE
30th-May-2009 01:19 am - Ramen!
Who likes to add extra stuff to theirs? Do you eat the soup, too? Have you ever had the real stuff in Japan? What's your favourite brand?

I'm a big fan of Nong Shim's Kimchi Ramen and the beef and original Ichiban. I like the other flavours from those brands as well, but those are my top choices.

I often add egg and green onion, sometimes thin slices of carrot and onion if I have some kicking around in the fridge, and any other tiny bits of vegetables I've got on hand. I also dose up the Ichiban noodles with Tabasco.
10th-Nov-2008 11:12 pm - Potsticker sauce
Hi! ^_^

I don't know much about asian cooking or recipes and I have been looking around for a good potsticker sauce recipe, but they all, despite their similarities, are so different that I don't know which one to choose! The only reference I have is the list of ingredients on the package of the store-bought, microwaveable kind... not much of a guide if you ask me. I want to try to make my own potstickers and I figured that making my own dipping sauce would be fun! I like the sauce by Ling Ling :9 but there's another company of which we bought a huge box of potstickers. I didn't like their sauce so much. It tasted very weak and too vinegary compared to the Ling Ling one.

Does anyone have a potsticker dipping sauce (or dumpling sauce) recipe that they use and like?

I could include a few I found if anyone wants to compare. Just let me know. ^^
Maria '?'
29th-Oct-2008 07:33 am - Bi Bim Bop...??
I was wondering if someone had a good recipe for Bi Bim Bop (sp?) ...I believe it's Korean.
It's sooo good, I MUST learn how to make it!

27th-Oct-2008 07:08 pmEnter a subject line
So I'm planning on making pumpkin curry and the recipe calls for Japanese pumpkins, only I can't seem to find them anywhere. Even the Japanese market doesn't have them (I'm in Oregon, US). What sorts of pumpkins can I use instead?
noidea--by me
21st-Feb-2008 07:00 pmEnter a subject line
hello everyone! my name is melissa (i'm half chinese, half polish) and i looooooooooooooove asian food!!!! i'm looking for a delicious but easy kimchi jjigae recipe! i'm absolutely obsessed and there's this restaurant that i know of that has the BEST kimchi jjigae i've ever tasted, but it's 40 minutes away =(

also...for those who buy kimchi in jars at asian stores...what are your favorite brands? i bought a kikkoman brand today and it's ok (it's still kimchi lol) but i've had better-tasting kimchi before...ideas? thanks everyone!!!!

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